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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Individual Therapy in Bucks County, PA

There are a variety of reasons that might lead an individual to seek psychotherapy. Sometimes, going through a challenging situation can be overwhelming. Sadness, worries, and regrets can consume one’s daily thoughts, making each day more difficult to live fully. Alternatively, one’s relationships might become a contributing factor; you can be in difficult relationships, you can become overwhelmed with your partner, have questions regarding your relationship, feel resentment, or are experiencing difficulty with overcoming past heartbreaks. Regardless of the circumstances, seeking psychotherapy does not have to result from just one place. You might question your decisions or feel you are just not happy. Getting through the day can be difficult. In situations where the future might seem dark and bleary, you can seek extra support. 

As humans, we are inherently wired for emotional connection. From the moment of birth, we instinctively seek out this connection with others, and it remains a fundamental need throughout our lives. Yet, when faced with stress, trauma, or other obstacles, our capacity for emotional connection may falter. This can result in feelings of isolation, detachment, and even depression or anxiety. At Bridge Relationship Therapy, our mission is to assist individuals in reclaiming the joy in their lives and relationships, offering support to (re)establish meaningful connections.

How does Psychotherapy Help

Through therapy, you can gain insight into your thoughts, unhelpful beliefs, and behavioral patterns that hold you back in life. Therapy can help you understand how those early messages in childhood have impacted both you and your relationships. It can also help you develop better coping skills, defuse from negative thoughts, break those dysfunctional patterns that you keep repeating, and heal from past hurts.

Therapy can be a great asset to personal growth, enabling you to develop a rich, meaningful life and healthier relationships with yourself, your partner, family, and others. While relationship therapy is typically most effective when both partners attend sessions, if your partner is unwilling to start therapy, individual therapy can be beneficial for initiating change. It provides an opportunity to explore personal contributions to conflicts, improve communication skills, address issues, establish boundaries, and express feelings and needs in a healthy manner. Cultivating a positive relationship with oneself is essential for building and nurturing relationships with others.

We offer individual therapy to address a range of issues including relationship conflicts, family conflicts, relational trauma, as well as narcissistic abuse recovery. In addition to talk therapy, we provide Brainspotting to process trauma and alleviate overwhelming emotions. 

We welcome individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, including those of varying races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

We offer individual therapy services both in English and Turkish.

therapy for narcissistic abuse

Ready to Schedule?

We offer both online therapy sessions and in-person relationship therapy sessions in Bucks County, PA. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please request an appointment.


If you have any other questions or you need additional information on individual therapy in Bucks County, PA please feel free to call, text and/or email us.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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