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How long does therapy usually last?

Everyone’s circumstances are unique to their situation, and individuals come to therapy with different goals and needs. While it is not possible to answer how long your therapy will last, many people can benefit from relatively short-term treatment of between ten to twelve sessions. The length of your therapy journey can depend on your goals, your motivation, your commitment, and the factors that are driving you to seek therapy in the first place.


What are therapy sessions like?

Because each person has different issues and goals for therapy, sessions will be different depending on the individual. In general, you can expect to discuss the current events happening in your life, as well as your personal history relevant to your issue. 


Your first two sessions will be focused on an assessment. Your therapist will want to learn about you, your family history, relationship history, and the issue that you want to focus on in therapy. They will ask relevant questions and give you space to share your story. Taking the time to understand your situation allows us to serve you in the best way we can.

Your therapist also psychoeducation to provide you some knowledge about root of your challenges and skills to cope with them. It is important to understand that you will get more results from therapy if you actively participate in the process. The ultimate purpose of therapy is to help you bring what you learn in the session back into your life, helping you deal with difficulties and reach your desired level of personal development.

What type of therapy do you offer? 

We provide individual therapy and couples therapy in Bucks County. We also offer brainspotting to process trauma.


Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not accept any insurance. 

How much do sessions cost?
Our fee for a one hour therapy session is $175. We accept cash, Venmo, HSA, and all major credit cards. 


Should I take medication or go to psychotherapy?

It is well established that psychotherapy is a long-term solution to mental and emotional problems. While medication treats the symptoms, it alone cannot address the pain, solve problems, and improve your quality of life. Instead of simply treating the symptoms, therapy addresses the root of our distress and the behavior patterns that curb our progress. Medication can be effective, and in some cases, a combination of medication and therapy is the right course of action.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24-hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment without any fee. We charge no show fee / late cancellation fee.


How can I make an appointment?

If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can request an appointment to book your first appointment. We offer in-person therapy sessions in Morrisville, PA. It is very close to Yardley, Newtown, Bensalem, and Levittown. Please note that we only offer online therapy sessions to people in the state of Pennsylvania. We can offer in person therapy sessions to out-of-state residents.

How does online therapy work?

We provide online therapy through a secure video conferencing platform and utilize the Simple Practice telehealth for HIPPA compliant video sessions. For online sessions, please make sure that you have a reliable internet connection, as well as a comfortable, safe space for you to talk- preferably one where you won't be easily distracted.




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