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Couple Therapy

All couples experience conflict during their relationships. No matter how well you get along, every couple is susceptible to fighting over small things such as unanswered messages, forgotten promises, and the rules of a shared space. Although these situations impact each couple, how they handle those disagreements can play a significant role in their connection. Resentment, anger, dissatisfaction, and a lack of communication can eventually lead to the erosion of the relationship, causing partners to see each other through negative filter. As a result, they can begin engaging in constant fights or feeling disconnected with each other.

Couple therapy can help:


  • Reconnect with your partner

  • Develop better conflict management skills that are respectful and constructive

  • Improve both partners’ communication skills to have vulnerable conversations

  • Increase intimacy and help partners express their feelings and needs

  • Heal past or present wounds and rebuild broken trust

  • Reduce resentment, defensiveness, and power struggles

  • Strengthen both partners’ commitment to the relationship

  • Increase awareness of the dynamic nature of your relationship and patterns

  • Engage in a fulfilling relationship

Couple therapy (marriage counseling/premarital counseling) can be a great way to avoid a permanent separation, providing a solid foundation to deepen your current connection. I provide couples counseling in Bucks County, PA, and I welcome couples from culturally diverse backgrounds. I earned my second master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University. My approach involves emotionally-focused couples therapy, which is one of the most empirically validated and effective therapies for improving distressed couple relationships. I can assist both you and your partner as you learn to understand each other, address old conflicts, move past hurts and betrayals, and increase your intimacy. We offer couple counseling in Bucks County, PA for communication, conflict resolution, affair recovery, and rebuilding intimacy and trust. It is my mission to help you tackle relationship distress and increase your connection.

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